Algorithmic Adaptations – Writing with and against the Intelligent Machine

Otso Huopaniemi gave a paper entitled “Algorithmic Adaptations – Writing with and against the Intelligent Machine” at the International Conference on Digital Media and Textuality, University of Bremen, on November 3rd, 2016.

Abstract: “I outline my understanding of how writing through digital media extends the practice of self-translation (an area which has recently attracted attention in translation studies) and writing in general. As an example of technogenesis, writing with and against the intelligent machine opens a wide spectrum of interaction where the human actor both adapts to and resists the influence of the digital media. Writing through this type of translation becomes a self-reflexive practice, in which the translation functions as a mirroring device that prompts the writer to return to the ‘original’ and then again to the ‘translation.’ Ultimately, the outcome is a back-and-forth process in which the binary between original and translation collapses.