Part reading, part writing improvisation, this collaborative workshop performance explores the liberating potential of the computer as co-writer. What began as an experiment in statistical machine translation has evolved to include other forms of interaction between writer-performer and machine. At the decentered center of the piece is a play-originally written in Finnish-about three young artists, whose communication issues revolve around three seemingly simple objects: a pint, a cellphone, and a toothbrush.

Catherine Copplestone
Emily Gleeson
Federico Rodriguez

Sheila Callaghan




Love ABZ - (An)alphabetic Triangle Cast: Catherine Copplestone, Emily Gleeson, Federico Rodriguez Directed by Otso Huopaniemi Mentored by Sheila Callaghan Dramaturgy by Hannah Hessel General Manager: Marissa Schwartz Production Site Manager: Natalie Qing Zhang April 13, 14, and 17, 2011 Part of "New Plays Now" - Featuring the MFA Playwriting Class of 2011 Columbia University School of the Arts, Theatre Arts Program