Four years after the first performances of the piece, the first members of the love.abz team meet again in New York to re-visit and re-work the performance. Part of the Performance, Technology, Translation event at Barnard College, love.abz @ Barnard fuses the original New York performance concept with its subsequent European offspring.

love.abz @ Barnard re-stages the tensions between languages, cultures, and concepts of theater and technology that have been present throughout this remarkable process, a process that began with the serendipitous click of the blue TRANSLATE icon.

Performance Date and Time: April 16, 2015, 6 PM

Venue: The Glicker-Milstein Theatre, Diana Center, Barnard College

Performance followed at 7 PM by conversation with panel speakers Rita Raley and W. B. Worthen

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Performed by Catherine Copplestone, Emily Gleeson, Federico Rodriguez, Eeva Semerdjiev
Conceived and Directed by Otso Huopaniemi
AV / Lighting: Barnard College
Photo credit: Stephen Yang,

Co-sponsored by
Barnard Center for Translation Studies, Barnard College Department of Theatre, Kone Foundation (Finland), Consulate General of Finland