A compelling performance which showed the fragility of language, understanding, and our ongoing relationship with machines.

Using Google Translate and voice recognition software the piece was created in front of the audience, questioning the notion of authorship in an explicit way.

This performance travelled to World Stage Design 2013 from Germany and Finland.

“The original play behind or under the one you see here happening, is in my suitcase in Liberty Cambrian point. It is a pino sekavia sivuja jotka mä kokosin puolihaluttomasti kasaan niinä hazy and weird days sen jälkeen ku Side-up ditched me like a rotan. I tried to write a simple and easy triangle drama, and in a way i also succeeded. Then something happened. I met this austrian guy, or was he actually french, he was hanging around in Bunk House with his welsh friends, im not sure how i ended up there. He told me that he can sell me some translating machines, that i needed to kuristaa mun näytelmää parilla epäilyttävällä keinolla. That i needed to let it translate to something else. So, mä ostin ne pari rakkinetta tältä kaverilta ja asensin those things to my play, with some wires and injection boxes, switched to säädin and the play started to wiggle.”

Excerpt from performance text written by Teemu Miettinen

Anna Maria Häkkinen
Leo Kirjonen
Alexander Komlosi
Teemu Miettinen


Conceived and directed by Otso Huopaniemi
Performed by Anna Maria Häkkinen, Leo Kirjonen, Alexander Komlosi, and Teemu Miettinen
Spatial and lighting design by Heikki Paasonen
Sound design by Joonas Pehrsson
Sponsored by Koneen Säätiö